Kau Takdirku

Kau Takdirku

Kau Takdirku is starred by the two Malaysian heartthrobs, Remy Ishak and Bront Palarae alongside Ezzaty Abdullah, actress and singer Aisya Hasnaa and the up and coming host Megan Tan. This film tells a story about Kamar (Remy Ishak) who sacrificed his love for Alya (Ezzaty Abdullah) who is married to his friend, Harris (Bront Palarae). After Harris goes missing at sea, Kamar marries Alya but things get complicated when suddenly Harris, whom they feared had died, returns home. Could Kamar’s eternal love overpower fate or he had to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of the one he loves?

Aside from featuring Kartina Aziz as the special appearance, Kau Takdirku is written by the talented Azlina Pa’wan. Her idea of love and sacrifice is then beautifully portrayed by brilliant Jason Chong in his scenes that are filled with all kinds of emotions that will surely stun the audience. Kau Takdirku is Jason Chong’s third movie, after Belukar and Dendam Orang Mati. Unlike his previous films, Kau Takdirku is his first film that involves love and romance, and with the magnificent cinematography in this film that is produced by Grand Brilliance, it is going to dazzle the audience. One of the elements that contributes to the emotions injected into this film is the original soundtrack, Engkau Milikku sang by the renowned Malaysian singer, Datin Alyah.

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