Bringing home the best of Malay cinema today, that’s my job

Isnor Dzulkarnain Jaafar

Ever wondered where local Malays get their fix of current Malay language cinema? Many of the latest Chinese language blockbusters find a convenient home in many Golden Village cinemas right at your neighbourhood. Tamil or Hindi film fans can get their Bollywood or Kollywood fix at Rex cinemas. For several decades, watching the latest Malay language hits meant crossing the Causeway to view films in a Johor Bahru (JB) cinema for many Malay families, or watching it on Astro or waiting for the DVD release. When asked why nobody from the community has stepped out to create a platform to make Malay-language cinema available here, local filmmaker and distributor Isnor Dzulkarnain Jaafar, (pictured above) shakes his head, smiles and says he does not have the answer.

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